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frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the unlimited club?

You can sign up for the unlimited speed club online or at one of our locations.

When will I be billed for my membership?

You will be billed on the anniversary date of the purchase.

What happens if I get a new license plate or a new car?

You can talk to an employee at one of our locations to change this information on our files.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your membership online under manage membership.

What happens when I cancel my unlimited plan?

You will no longer be billed for your membership when you cancel, and you can still use it through to the end of the payment period.

Are the vacuums free?

The vacuums are free with the purchase of wash.

Do you charge for vacuums, towels, fragrance, etc?

No, once you pay for any wash those items are available at no charge.

Can I Just vacuum instead of buying a wash?

No, you must buy any wash before using the free amenities.

What are the size limitations for the tunnel?

Maximum 7’2” tall, 82” wide, 13-1/2” tire width, and no dual-wheel trucks.

Can I leave my trailer hitch on?

Yes, but we prefer they be removed if convenient.

Should I fold my mirrors in?

That is optional, but for very large mirrors it is advised. Our attendants can do that for you in the tunnel on request.

Does my truck bed need to be completely empty?

No, but it should be free of excessive dirt. Anything that can be snagged by our equipment or blown out by our dryers must be removed.

How much dirt/mud is too much?

Vehicles that are dirty from driving on dirt roads are generally acceptable. Any caked-on mud such as common from off-roading is not acceptable in the wash as it will clog and potentially damage equipment. Please wash off excessive mud before coming to our car wash.

Do I stay in my car through the tunnel?

Yes, but if for any reason you are uncomfortable riding through the tunnel an attendant will take it through for you.

Should my antenna be removed?

That is optional. Our attendants can do that for you in the tunnel on request.

Will you get the bugs off?

All washes except for Basic include spraying with a special bug softening chemical and hand scrubbing with a soft brush. It is usually possible to remove virtually all of the bugs but some that have baked on for a long period of time will not come off. Let us know if you feel bug removal was inadequate and we will run your car through again.


  • Southern Palms Car Wash is located approximately ¼ mile east of Royal Palm Beach Blvd, next to Goodyear.
  • 11453 Southern Boulevard Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
  • Monday - Sunday : 7:30am - 8:00pm